Don't drink the water!!!! Mermaid Fails & Outtakes

Silicone Mermaid Tail Fails: Bloopers, Outtakes & Fails

Mermaids spitting water out of their mouth: Mermaid Phantom spitting nasty lake-water out of her mouth. Yuck!

Do you remember about a month and a half ago when I released my Good Harbor Beach Mermaiding video? No? Alright... I kinda forgot about it too! Well, that video was a bit blurry and wasn't the best quality mermaiding video in the whole wide world. However, I did think that it turned out pretty good, given the conditions of the water and my camera acting funny. 

Do you remember it now?

It wasn't the best, but it wasn't the worst either, at least not from what I showed you in the above video! Let me tell you something though... I am not nearly as graceful of a mermaid as I try to pretend to be. I have plenty of clumsy moments, make tons of silly mistakes, and have eaten more waves than I care to count! Take a look at this blooper video to see what I mean:

Mermaid Videos: Flopping around on the Beach

That sure was one weird day! I still can't believe that I lost my bandanna. I remember getting ready to leave the beach to head home and looking in the mirror being like... "Hey! Where's my bandanna?!?!" We searched for it and it didn't end up turning up. I was mystified!! And then... then I watched the video footage on the ride back home. I can't believe I knocked it off of my own head! I mean... COME ON!!! It survived all of those waves, all of that swimming, and trudged through all of that muck. It did all of that, and I knocked the poor thing clean off of my head! 

Anyways... I hope that gave you a little something to laugh about. If you'd like some more "laughable" mermaid moments, then I think you'll enjoy this blog post from a while back too. You can click here to see it.


Have a wonderful weekend full of smiles and laughter! ♥

XOXO Mermaid Phantom