Where can you Buy Magic?

Welcome to my magical gypsy cart full of fairy tale goodies! If you're curious about buying some of my handmade Etsy Store items, or would like to support my work by purchasing printed goods off of my RedBubble Shop, then you've come to the right place! Keep scrolling to learn more about what items I sell and where you can find more! 

Please be sure to visit my online storefronts to see ALL of the products I have available, as this page is more of a summary and does not show all of my work. ðŸ˜Š

Handmade Goods for Sale on Etsy

The Magic Crafter's Etsy store is my favorite place to share my handmade fairy tale goods with you. Everything I sell goes along with my theme of myth, magic, fairies and mermaids! I sell many different varieties of Fairy Dust at my Etsy store, in addition to Miniature bead mermaids, Dragons Eggs and more! Be sure to check out my shop to see the complete list of items, as that will show my most current listings.

One-of-a-Kind FairyTale Prints for Sale on RedBubble

What is RedBubble? If you've never heard of this website before, then you might not be too sure where it is that I'm sending you off to with my links. Don't worry! It's a great place to shop for unique gifts designed by artists all around the world. This company prints the designs that we artists create onto things like coffee mugs, phone cases, tote bags, and a lot of other neat stuff so that we can offer our art for sale online. You can hear me attempt to explain RedBubble in more detail through this video, and you can also see what one of my designs looks like printed on a small tote bag. ☺

A better look at my Mermaid Tote Bag from Redbubble. Please ignore the purple paint splattered on my burlap display ;D

While I mostly use my tote for carrying around my purse (the straps on my purse are nowhere near as comfortable as the ones on my tote!), it also comes in handy when taking trips to the beach! Ooohhh... all of the seashells you can stick in it... it's fabulous! ♥

I don't know what that delightfully spirally seashell is called, but doesn't it look at home all tucked inside of the bag? It looks so cozy! ^-^

Seeing doubles? Yeah, I think it's a bit weird too... but that's only because it's my face on the bag! Hehehehe

If you're looking for one-of-a-kind items or official "Magic Crafter Merchandise," then you'll want to give my RedBubble shop a look! I post many of my favorite mermaid and fairy photos to this website so that you can get them printed on T-shirts, Tote Bags, Coffee Mugs, Phone Cases, Pillow, Stickers, and more! By shopping at my RedBubble Store, you not only get an awesome and unique product, but you also help me support what I do. My YouTube Channel and my Fairytale Entertainment Business thank you for your purchases SO MUCH!!! ♥

Hire a Mermaid or a Fairy

Would you rather meet a real live fairytale creature than buy a physical product? I am for hire as both a Professional Fairy Entertainer AND a Professional Mermaid Entertainer all around the world! If you have a big promotional event coming up for your business, want to make a corporate event a little more interesting, or would like to add an extra dash (or splash) of magic to your upcoming party or festival, then I hope you'll reach out so we can talk about how to make your event impactful and unforgettable.  You can learn more about how to hire me for your next big event by clicking the link below.