Video Editing

Having been a YouTube video creator for over 3 years, I have had a great deal of experience with editing all sorts of videos. As a matter of fact, editing mermaid videos is almost just as enjoyable to me as the actual act of mermaiding. I love combining the movement of my subject matters with the rhythm of beautiful music. Additionally, I enjoy the challenge of taking less-than-perfect video footage and transforming it into a polished work of art. If pictures are worth a thousand words, then a video is, indeed, priceless. 

(Promotional Video Sample Below)

DESCRIPTION: You can have your mermaiding video footage (or other video footage) edited by an experienced video editor/ professional mermaid! We will discuss your project via email so that I can get a good feel for what you want the overall "feel" of your video to be and what your objective is for the video. All videos will be sent via email/ Google Drive files and you will be charged by per minute of video footage that you send to me through your email. I will then download your files and will proceed to edit your video files. Once you have paid me (in full) through my account, I will send you the completed video. 

PRICE: $6.00 per Minute of Video Footage Sent

WHAT I USE: Windows Movie Maker


  • You will be charged per minute of UNEDITED footage sent to me... not per minute of edited footage! 
  • Your completed video will not be sent until you have paid me in full for my services.
  • For the BEST results, please send as much footage as possible. On average, 20 minutes of raw video footage usually boils down to about 4-5 minutes of edited footage.
  • I will not use any of your video footage for my channel/brand. It is all yours and you retain the rights to your footage.
  •  You are responsible for uploading your video to YouTube. I will not be uploading your video or providing any metadata for your video (description, title, ect.)
  • You are required to properly credit musicians if music is used in your video. I will guide you how to do this via email so that credit is given where credit is due. :)
  • I would appreciate it if you included a credit to me for editing your video as well. This helps me grow my business and gain more clients! ♥



For serious inquiries, please contact me at Phantom@TheMagicCrafter with the subject line as "Video Editing Inquiry."

Video Collaborations

If you are a Professional Mermaid, fairy, Goth, or some other sort of magical being, feel free to reach out to me about video collaborations. If you are hardworking, reliable and serious about making magic happen, then we might be a good fit! I am also totally willing to collaborate with other YouTubers and Social Media Influencers if collaborating would be a great route for both of our brands! ♥

For serious inquiries, please contact me as with the subject line "Collaboration Inquiry."


WHO DO I WORK WITH? My brand has been built up from a foundation of trust. I consider my followers, subscribers and viewers to be akin to friends of mine. Therefore, I am not willing to work on any/every sponsored project that is proposed to me. However, if I feel that your brand, product, service and/or vision would be a good match for mine, I would happily consider your offer!

HOW CAN I HELP YOU? I have spent years building up a loyal fan-base on both my YouTube channel and my Insragram account. With years of experience in both video creation and online marketing, I am a powerful influencer in the Mermaid Community. I have the ability, and the know-how, to put your product, service, event or business in front of thousands of mermaids, cosplayers, Goths, and other costume/ fairy tale enthusiasts around the world. Through my videos/photos on various social media platforms, I am able to review, test out, unbox, explain or show off your desired project so that my audience may gain exposure to it. Results will vary from project to project.

PRICE: ($100+) Because each promotional project is different and has different goals/ requirements, I cannot offer an accurate price without reviewing the proposed project. Please send me an email at with the subject line "Sponsorship Inquiry" so that we can discuss your project in depth. Serious inquiries only.  

Modeling & Acting

***Prices will depend on the what the project entails. Please email me for a quote. Serious inquiries ONLY.

Acting /Modeling for Films

VOICE ACTING: At the moment, I do not have any voice acting experience, but I do read to children (and talk to myself on camera) daily. I have a very expressive voice and love to ramble on about all sorts of things. Feel free to pitch me your project via email at with the subject line "Voice Acting Inquiry" and we can discuss your project there. I am very open to working on projects of all sizes, as I do love to talk!

ON CAMERA ACTING: I do not have any formal training as an actress and have never played a leading role in a play. But... I have a great deal of experience as a mermaid and a wealth of experience being in front of a camera. I have quick wit, a can-do attitude, and am basically a professional at playing "make believe." If you have a project that requires the help of a mermaid, fairy, or that requires any sort of costume-wearing, feel free to message me via email at with the subject line "Acting Inquiry." I would be happy to hear all about your ideas and to determine if I can be of service to you. 

LIVE MODELING FOR FILMS: If you need a fairy tale creature or a Gothic lady to be swimming or floating around in any of your films/videos, I am totally here to lend a hand/fin. I am very comfortable in front of a camera and, thanks to my extreme near-sightedness, am great at keeping in-character. Contact me to tell me more about what you have in mind for your project so that I can determine how I can assist you. Serious inquiries may be sent to with the subject line titled "Live Modeling Inquiry."

MODELING (GENERAL): If you would like to hire me as a mermaid model, please click HERE for more information. If you would like to hire me as a fairy model, please click HERE. For all other modeling projects, please keep reading.

In addition to being a professional mermaid and a professional fairy, I also have a love for alternative fashion... especially Gothic Fashion. Although I am willing to work with photographers on other projects, projects pertaining to Alternative Fashion will take priority. Please email me at Phantom@TheMagicCrafter with the subject line titled as "General Modeling Inquiry" for a quote and to discuss what you have in mind.

Please Note: I may consider working for free on select projects in exchange for the rights to use/modify some of the photographs. Additionally, please note that I will not agree to work on any and every project just because you're offering me money. I reserve the right to refuse work as I see fit. 

Other Projects

Do you have a project that doesn't fit into any of these categories? Not a problem! Shoot me an email at with the subject line titled as "Project Inquiry" so that we can talk it over!