Videos full of Magic

Whose day couldn't use an extra dose of fairytale fun!?! Here you will find links to some of my many YouTube Videos including Mermaiding Videos, Crafting Videos, and Scenic Nature Videos. I'm not JUST a Professional Mermaid, you know! I'm also an avid crafter / DIY girl, and an admirer of the beautiful world we live in. Michigan is a pretty magical place, you know? 

It’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring
— Marilyn Monroe

It's a mermaid's life for me! These videos here will help you dive deeper into the mermaid life too with real Mermaiding (Tail Swimming) Videos, mermaid inspired Crafts & DIY projects, and inspiring High Definition footage of the crystal clear Michigan waters.  

So grab your pearls and shine up your shells. The water's as warm as it'll ever be!

Magic Crafting videos with Fairy Crafts, Mermaid Crafts, Magic Potions, and other magical and Fairytale Crafting and DIY projects.

I love crafting! Watch my Crafting and DIY videos to learn how to create your own Fairytale creations and magical goods! 

Nature Videos of water, grasslands, and ect. Northern Michigan, Great Lakes, Grand Traverse Bay. Mermaid Soul Food and Fairyland Adventures! 

Some things in life don't need any pixie dust to be as enchanting as something pulled straight from a fairytale story. Our natural world is full of beauty and wonder if we take a moment to stop and admire it. Come explore the lakes, rivers, forests, grasslands, and snowy winter wonderlands of Michigan with me as we go on some magical Michigan adventures!