MerNation Silicone Mermaid Tail Review

My experience with MerNation Inc.

A tailmaker selling realistic mermaid tail for Professional Mermaids and Mermaiding veterans

I was a bit chilled in this video, so there are a few things that I forgot to mention. Here are some quick facts about my tail and some notes about my experience purchasing from MerNation. (You can find their website here.)

About my Silicone Tail:

  • My tail is one of MerNation's "Signature Line" tails made with the Khaleesi Fluke, scalloped scales, Finis Rapid Monofin, and has no extra fin additions. 
  • I opted for a simple paint design that makes use of metallic pigments and is quite "Pastel Goth" in appearance. :) (More info about the design can be found in the Q&A video here.)
  • The total cost of my MerNation silicone mermaid tail (including shipping) was $2,850.00 USD
  • Once I drew out my tail design, my tail arrived at my doorstep in under two weeks... probably even more like 8 days?
  • It weighs around 27 lbs when dry!
  • Since MerNation adds a couple of extra rows of scales to the waist of their tails (to makes sure they don't sit too low!), I ended up cutting off two of the rows. It fits so well!
  • The tail is quite easy to swim in (just have to remember to let the air bubbles out before taking off!), though it took me a few tries to get the monofin adjusted right. (Neoprene socks work wonders!) This is my "first swim" which was cut short because I didn't have the monofin figured out at that point! :C
  • While my first time putting on my silicone mermaid tail took me about 20 minutes, I can now get into it in about 5-ish minutes. It's a struggle sometimes, but you get used to it! (If you can make it out of your "Duct-Tape Dummy," then you can wiggle into your tail... you've got this!!! XD)
  •  My MerNation Silicone mermaid tail is one of my most prized possessions and truly feels like an extension of my very being. It was worth every penny!
  • Sadly, it doesn't have a name yet... :C 

My experience purchasing from MerNation Inc.

The worst thing about being a mermaid is getting a sore jaw from smiling all of the time... I swear! Wearing my tail just makes too happy! Such a pain! ;D            

The worst thing about being a mermaid is getting a sore jaw from smiling all of the time... I swear! Wearing my tail just makes too happy! Such a pain! ;D





  • Their customer service is literally THE BEST. Erin even helped answer some of my mermaiding questions over a year before I was ready to purchase my tail, and continued to provide friendly support and helpful answers to my many (soooo many!) question throughout the ordering process. (Still blown away by the customer service experience!)
  • Once my money order was received, the gang over at MerNation got to work on my tail straight away. They sent me plenty of update photos as they got to work too!
  • I'm pretty sure the tail was finished in about 2-3 days (can't remember exactly!), and was shipped to my house in less than 5!
  • My tail came in a sturdy package and included detailed instructions on how to care of it and how to put it on. It also came with a few scrap scales that Erin was so kind to send to me upon my request! They haven't fulfilled their purpose yet... but I'm working on it (shhhh... a mer's got to have her secrets! ;D). You can see all that came in the box by watching this video here.
  • In buying my tail from MerNation Inc, I truly feel like I'm part of a special merfolk community. I'm not sure how to describe it, but it's a really neat feeling! <3

To sum it all up...

I absolutely adore my tail and had a wonderful experience with MerNation Inc. I would 100% buy from them again if I had to do it all over! (And who knows, some day I might just have to!) 

So, if you're looking to purchase your very own silicone mermaid tail, I think you should totally consider going with this company. They have great customer service, top-notch products, and will have you swimming around in the water before you have time to make sense of how magical your life just got. 


If you were curious about purchasing from MerNation Inc. I hope you found this post helpful! Please don't hesitate to leave any questions you might have about my tail, or my purchasing experience, in the comments of this blog OR on my review video. I'll be sure to answer them as best I can! Thanks for reading (and thanks MerNation for making my dreams come true!)!

XOXO- Mermaid Phantom