How to be more creative- 7 Tips to getting out of a creative slump

How to reignite your creativity

What do you do when you need to be creative but the creativity just isn't there? Lately I've been struggling with that very problem! I was trying to come up with a blog post today, and couldn't seem to think of anything valuable to post. I thought I'd share something for "Fairy Friday," but was completely drawing a blank as to what topic to discuss. All that I could think of was that I simply couldn't seem to think of anything! I felt like I needed a creative recharge... and then this idea came to me! 

If you're reading this, then there's a good chance that you probably know the feeling I'm talking about. Whether you're an artist, a writer, a fellow video creator, or any other sort of creative individual, then you know that when the river flowing from imagination land runs dry, coming up with unique ideas is about as easy as swatting a mosquito in the dark. Ugh. Not a fun situation to be in. 

So here are 7 things that I often do to help myself generate ideas for my work when I'm feeling a bit stuck. I hope you'll find them helpful too! 

Take a Hike!

Let's start with my go-to solution for everything, shall we? If you know me, then you'll know I am a huge believer in that taking a (distraction-free) walk out in nature is the answer to juuuust about every problem. There's something about the sound of the wind in the trees, the feeling of fresh air filling your lungs, and the sight of the birds flitting through the sky that is so soothing. I find that being outdoors helps me recenter myself and clears my mind, which allows new ideas to flow in more readily. And even if you can't get outside... at least get yourself up and moving! That works wonders too!


Watch some videos

Being a YouTuber, I enjoy making my own videos... but I also really enjoy watching videos that others post. And when my imagination is as stagnant as a mucky swamp, I often find that watching a mermaiding video or two is just what I need to clear the waters. :) Other videos are great too, of course, just make sure you limit yourself to only one or two... since it easy to lose track of time and to go on a binge-watching rampage. Thanks auto-play! XD

Browse for Inspiration

WARNING: THIS TIP REQUIRES SOME SERIOUS SELF CONTROL... AND POSSIBLY A TIMER. USE WITH CAUTION!!!! (Seriously though!) Sometimes when I need a quick boost of creativity, I'll flip open a magazine (Martha Stewart Living is my favorite!) or take a few minutes (keyword: a few) to browse through Pinterest. I feel like looking at the artistic work of others helps to inspire me to create, even if what I'm looking at isn't totally related to the project that I plan on completing. Give it a try, if you'd like. Just remember that self control is key!

Here is my Pinterest Page, if you'd like to see what inspires me.

Take a Music Break

Listening to music, especially Celtic music, is one of my favorite ways to get myself in the right mindset for working on creative projects. I find that instrumental music and soundtracks work best for me while actually working on said projects, since there are no lyrics to distract my brain. However, when I'm still in the idea generating phase, just about anything will do. Try coordinating the mood/ theme of your song choice with the theme and/or mood of what you'd like your creative work to take on for the best results. Here are three of my favorite playlists to listen to:


Celtic music and folk songs...

This playlist is quite large and is probably the one I listen to the most! It has a good mix of instrumental music and some with lyrics. Not all of the songs are in English, though all of them are quite good! 


Mermaid music and Siren songs...

I ALWAYS turn to this playlist when in working on mermaid related things... which is quite often! You selkies, sirens, and naiads will find this to your liking too! ;)



Dark and moody music...

The songs on this playlist are great for when you're looking to draw your inspiration from the darkness. This one has served me well back in my "Darkslayeress" days. Hehehehe! And I still enjoy putting it on when in need of something mischievous of melancholic.  

Write it down

Another great way of getting your creative juices flowing is to do some unfiltered free writing. Simply write whatever it is that comes to your mind without holding back. For me this has worked wonders and has rescued me from many a situation of imagination blockage. Personally, I find that writing with pen and paper is a lot more effective than typing, but do whatever suits you. :)

Let your Mind Wander

Sometimes I feel like my brain is so overloaded with thoughts that it just needs some time to "buffer..." (much like my computer, lately!) I'm not a huge fan of sitting still and doing nothing, but at times it's exactly what my imagination craves. Much like what I was talking about in the above tip, let your brain just think up whatever it wants. Don't restrict it or try to redirect it. Let it do it's thing! You'll be amazed by what it can come up with after you let it have its way for a while!

Send for Help!

If you feel as though you've tried everything but still can't seem to get ideas flowing as you'd like them to, then try asking a friend or family member for help. Even if they aren't much of creatives themselves, they might come up with some ideas that will get your mind going again. It's worth a shot, right?


Do you have anything to add to this list? Then please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments. The more input we can get on this, the better! <3

Thanks for giving me your time, I hope this helped you!

XOXO- Mermaid Phantom