World Smile Day EVERY Day.

Happy World Smile Day!

Upon checking Twitter this morning, I quickly learned that it is "World Smile Day" today (it's also "Fairy Friday" too! ;D). I've never really heard of this holiday before, but the idea of celebrating and promoting happiness is certainly one that I can stand behind!

However, I think that remembering to smile and be joyful should be a daily practice that everyone should get into the habit of rather than a thing to recognize only once a year. And better than that, you should make it your goal to not only be beaming with (sincere) happiness throughout each day, but to spread that cheerful glow onto others. (I mean, everyone has bad days too, but do your best to have mostly good ones!)

With this in mind, and despite the fact that "World Smile Day" is almost over, what little act of kindness can you do right now that will make someone's day? What can you do tomorrow (and the next day, and the day after that) that will give a loved one (or a perfect stranger) something to smile about? 

Leave a comment and let me know how you'll put a grin on someone's face today!

Have a good one!

-XOXO Phantom

Catgirl smiling- Be the reason someone smiles today (quote).