The sun will rise again.

Watching the sunset at Christmas Cove beach, in Northport, Michigan.

With each sunset comes the hope of a new tomorrow.

I keep re-watching this video and I keep crying each time. It's not that it's the best video in the world or anything... I think it's that I poured my heart out into this one. I really did. And every time I watch that sun set, my heart sinks a little further beneath the horizon.

Sunrises are much more my thing. I love my sunrises.

But right now, the sun is setting. I will watch it go, with tears in my eyes, and wish it well on its journey. I hope to see it again sometime, even if it's just a glimmer or a gleam. Clouds have often darkened the skies... but perhaps they will clear one day so that we can see each other again?

Until then, I will learn to love the memory of you that is cast upon the moon.

The night has come, the sun has set, but great things will rise up again from the horizon.

Thank you for all of your light.

*Filmed at Christmas Cove, in Northport, Michigan