Mermaids at the Boyne City Pirate Fest 2019 ♥ Pictures, Videos and a Tale from Mermaid Phantom

Boyne City Pirate Fest 2019- A Mermaid’s Tale

A Tale from Northern Michigan’s Mermaid

Mermaid Phantom here! I am Traverse City and Northern Michigan’s Professional Mermaid! ♥ Today I’m here to tell you a little tale. A story about the SECOND time I was captured by pirates. Yes… that’s right. It has happened TWICE! You’d think I’d learn to stay out of Boyne City during the second weekend of August, but I just can’t help myself…. Boyne City is such a beautiful place!!

So there I was with my seaster, Mermaid Delta. We were swimming up through Lake Charlevoix towards Boyne City to meet some mermaid friends of ours when all of the sudden… SWOOSH!! A couple of filthy pirates cast their nets over us and we got all tangled up in them. (Fishing nets are fun to wear, but they’re not so fun to be caught in... 🙃) These scalawags pulled us out of the water and hoisted us up onto something called a “float.” It didn’t seem very floaty to me though, it seemed rather clunky. Anyways, Delta and I found ourselves on this giant squishy float with a massive treasure chest and another mermaid… Mermaid Ember (she was super nice)! Our not-so-floaty-float-thing was following behind a small ship that held 4 more mermaids. These mermaids were some of the friends we came to visit… Mermaid Spirit, Mermaid Neptuna, Mermaid Lilly and Mermaid Sparkles! We didn’t know WHY the pirates captured us and put us on these weird things, but we were determined to escape.

As our float sailed through downtown Boyne City, we saw tons of humans smiling and waving at us. They looked friendly, so we smiled back. Our pirate guard, Zach the Pirate, gave us all gold coins to keep our minds off of the fact that we were captured. And so, being the clever mermaids that we are, Ember, Delta and I started throwing the precious coins at the friendly looking humans in the hope that we could bribe them into rescuing us… it didn’t really work all that well. The humans thought the coins were gifts. I don’t think they understood that we were paying them to help us. 😅

But that was okay!! As it turns out, our pirate guard was secretly a good pirate. He cared about us mermaids and wanted to help us escape. While one of his fellow buccaneers disconnected the float from the noisy-big-shiny thing called a “truck,” Zach snatched up the float and pulled it away to a fountain. He was very strong!! Once he moved the float out of sight from his pirate friend, he picked up Mermaid Delta and carried her to the fountain. He left Mermaid Spirit and I on the float and gave us a big bucket. He armed us all with water guns too, so we could defend ourselves from the mean pirates while he thought out an escape route to the lake.

Mermaid Delta had a water gun! She got to sit in the fountain at the Boyne City Pirate Festival. She made a few human friends while there!
Mermaid Spirit (left) and Mermaid Phantom (right) sat on a float near the fountain in Boyne City. They got to shoot at mean pirates with their water guns (Phantom mostly just hit the sidewalk). Phantom is a professional mermaid visiting from Traverse City Michigan at the Boyne City Pirate Fest. This is her second year at the festival. ♥

After a long and tiring time fending off pirates with our water guns, Steve the Pirate stopped by to say hello. We thought he was a bad pirate at first, so we squirt him with our cold water… but apparently he was actually a good guy who was there to lend a hand! Steve had a thing called a “wheelchair” that he planned to use to transport us heavy mermaids to Lake Charlevoix quickly and safely. I was the first one he put in the chair and wheeled away. He sure was a quick driver!!

When I finally made it to Lake Charleviox, I was delighted to find that Mermaid Ember and Mermaid Neptuna were already waiting for me in the water. They said that Mermaid Sparkles and Mermaid Lilly had escaped to the river, so they were safe too! Mermaid Delta and Mermaid Spirit soon joined us at the lake and we were reunited as one big pod. It felt good to be free!

Mermaids at the Boyne City Pirate Festival 2019 ♥ Mermaid Phantom was joined by her mermaid friends at the Boyne City Pirate Fest! She brought her sister, Mermaid Delta, for the event too. They all had a lot of fun together!

We were going to swim away out into the center of the lake, but then we started to hear music playing and kids giggling. It sounded so festive and like so much fun! We all figured that we could out-swim any pirates that tried to catch us, so we decided that it would be safe to stay by the docks for a while. Lots of young humans, furry creatures called “dogs” and even big humans came near the water to see us. They were all very friendly! We even met a really nice young pirate who defended us from the bad guys who saw us and wanted to capture us again. She was the nicest pirate EVER! ♥ And don’t tell anyone… but I think we also may have met a few mermaids in disguise! Maybe they’ll come swim with us next time? 😇

This celebration called the “Boyne City Pirate Festival” sure was eventful! And while mermaids never like getting captured, I think we all rather enjoyed our time spent in this pirate infested town. As a matter of fact, I’m actually quite sad that the villagers drove the scalawags out of town. Even though they kept trying to catch us, they sure were silly (and salty… yum 😉😋).

I’m not saying that I want to be caught again next year, but I do want to be caught again next year! Hehehe!

Until then, I’ll keep looking at these photos and videos over and over again. ♥

XOXO- Mermaid Phantom of The Magic Crafter


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