Where to Buy Elf Ears: Aradani Costumes Review and Unboxing

What do mermaids do in the Winter?

I am a professional mermaid. I swim around in a realistic silicone mermaid tail, I create mermaiding videos, and I make appearances at special events. Mermaiding is great! But what do mermaids do when the water temperatures drop? While swimming pools are an option, I personally get the most pleasure out of doing what I do out in nature. It feels much more authentic! ðŸ˜˜

So, in order to get my fix of magic and other-worldliness when the weather gets chilly, I have decided to take to the land. 

Mermaid Phantom, from The Magic Crafter, is sitting on the rocks at the beach in Northport, Michigan. Her beautiful MerNation Silicone mermaid tail is dappled in sunlight. 

There is no autumn in Northern Michigan. There is summer... and then there is winter. Maybe there's a brief awkward few days of in-between weather... but mostly? It's either warm, or it's freezing cold! Mermaid season in Michigan is short lived. While the lake will be warm enough to swim in for a few more weeks, I will not be able to hop in it for much longer. And so, this mermaid will soon be limited to dry-land mermaiding events.

Don't get me wrong... I will take ANY chance I can get to do my thing. I have zero problem with being a fish-out-of-water, and actually am looking to make appearances at even more dry-land events this year. However, when it comes to being magical just for the sake of being magical, slipping into 27 pounds of beautifully sculpted silicone is not exactly practical. Mobility is very limited when you're a land-locked mermaid, so there's not much you can do when you're sitting around at home (Sometimes I will check my emails in my tail though! No judgment!!! 😝).

Which is why I now moonlight as an elf... or a wingless faerie. Whichever you prefer to call it!

Elven Transformation: How to Become an Elf- This is a picture of Phantom, a Professional Mermaid who sometimes moonlights as a wingless fairy or an elf. The picture shown is part of her blog post, from TheMagicCrafter.com, that will tell you how she transformed into a fairytale creature.

Transforming into a Woodland Elf

I've been fascinated with all sorts of fantasy creatures and fairy tale beings since as long as I can remember. Vampires, werewolves, fairies, mermaids, centaurs, elves, dragons... you name it! I drew pictures of them, I daydreamed about what life would be like as one of them, and used to even go on adventures into my backyard to "become" a number of them. And so... I've taken it to the next level in the past few years and have actually "transformed" myself. I am a mermaid, and now I am a Woodland Elf (or a wingless faerie) too. YES! ♥

Want to see what happened?

How to become an Elf... My Transformation:

Aradani Costumes Review: Buying Latex Elf Ears

As you know, Aradani Studios/ Aradani Costumes sponsored the video above. They sent me two different pairs of their latex elf ears to try on and to add to my magical costume collection. I. ADORE. THEM.

No, no, no... I am not saying this because they gave me samples to test out; I am an honest person to my very core (and not to mention, a terrible actress!). I have purchased a pair of elf ears from them in the past, and LOVED the ones I got. They were an older, more simple style, which I believe were called "Anime Elf Ears." I still wear them today, even though they are quite a few years old! (Here's a video slideshow from my days as a cosplayer that shows some pictures of them: HIRUMA COSPLAY VIDEO The pictures start at 0:42)

A Woodland Elf is sleeping in the forest. Her name is Phantom, and is commonly known as Mermaid Phantom, from The Magic Crafter. She is wearing Latex Elf Ears by Aradani Costumes.

The latest Elf Ears that they sent to me are even more stunning than the ones I already owned. Oh my gosh... Their new "Wild Elf Ears" have so much detail and look so realistic! I wore them into Traverse City while running errands one day, and couldn't figure out for the longest time why everyone was shooting me weird looks. They were so comfy and lightweight that I forgot I was wearing them (until someone came up to me and told me that they "liked my ears"). Gaaaaaahhhhh!!!

I am a fan. I am such a fan! ðŸ˜†

Here, the wingless fairy, Phantom, is sitting in a bed of ferns. She is in the woodlands, taking time to enjoy the beauty of the trees and the foliage.

The Sea Elf Ears (which I still haven't gotten to try on yet, but you can see in the embedded video) are extremely unique and very mermaid-esque. I'm kinda thinking they're going to end up being my go-to mermaid-out-of-water accessory, since they give off such a siren-like vibe. Also, they are going to be used for something that is happening soon... a very top-secret mission that I am embarking on...


(You'll find out about it soon enough 😘)

Mermaid Phantom, of The Magic Crafter, can be seen here wearing Latex Elf Ears by Aradani Costumes/ Aradani Studios. The picture shows her in their "Wild Elf" ears in the heart of the woods.

Alright, so... I adore my Elf Ears, but what do you think? Do you like them? Do you like how each and every picture I posted is edited differently too? Bwahahaha! Oops!

If you do like how my ears look, I recommend that you go ahead and check out Aradani Costumes' website. They not only sell Prosthetic Latex Elf Ears, but they also sell horns, wearable "hooves," jewelry, masks, and tons of other fantasy costume accessories. Basically, their website is like a magical portal to help you build-your-own-magical-creature. You're gonna love it! ♥

Click to visit Aradani Costumes

Thanks for playing in the woods with me today. I know it's a bit different than the typical mermaid shenanigans you see around here!

XOXO- Mermaid Phantom

(P.S.) And thanks so much, Aradani Costumes/Aradani Studios for allowing me to try out your products. You guys are pure magic! ♥