How to Make Paper Look Old in 5 Minutes or Less!

How to Antique Paper (The Quick & Easy Way!)

How do you make paper look old without actually waiting years and years for its color to change? Easy peasy! All you need is some White Computer Paper, strongly brewed Tea or Coffee, something to put everything in, and about 5 minutes. See? It's as easy as 1, 2...3! (and 4).

Okay... so this is so simple that I really don't even know if the below video was necessary to create or not, but since I already made it (and had a lot of fun doing so!) here it is:


Dying Paper using Tea or Coffee

Whew! Wasn't that simple? Before you know it, you'll have a whole stash of antiqued paper tucked away for all of your magic crafting needs! And in case you need some ideas to spur your creativity... here are a few project ideas that you could create using your millions of old-looking rectangles:

Things to Do with Old Looking Paper

  • Create some Pirate Treasure Maps for your friends or children! (This is a great idea for mermaid or pirate themed parties or events!)
  • Write up a letter, put it in a glass bottle, and give it to a friend. Nothing beats a hand-written note, and putting it in a bottle makes it feel extra mysterious and special. ♥
  • Or write a whole book! If you make enough of this paper, then try folding some pieces in half and then stapling them together at their folds. The end result? An enchantingly rough looking "book" that is ideal for journal writing, sketching, or dreaming up your own story (complete with rides upon the backs of dragons, battles with evil wizards, and tea with a fairy. Hehehe!).
  • Fold it up! If your paper is square, try using it to make some Origami! 
  • Add a special touch to your drawings. Use this paper in place of your usual sketching material to draw on. Black ink looks soooo rich against the tea-stained paper. It's a magical thing, it really it!
  • Let it fly!! Remember this video from waaaaaay back in the Spring of 2016? You can use this antiqued paper to make the paper butterflies in that tutorial for a very unique twist on the project.
  • Remember the Hexaflexagon? I just found one in my mer-cave when I was cleaning it out yesterday! Why not revive that old mysterious puzzle-of-a-creation by making one that looks worn and weathered to entertain yourself with? (Those things were quite fun to play with... you know it's true!)
  • Use it! Even though your paper now looks like some prehistoric relic, it still is just printer paper. So... why not stick it back in the printer and type out your essay onto something a little more exciting than your typical white rectangle? I'm sure your history teacher will love it! (Or not... so maybe just use it for fun! ;D)
  • Create a sea of old looking paper... because why not? After all, you never know when you might need it! 


Those are just a few ideas... looking up "Things to do with Paper" or "Paper Crafts" will give you even more inspiration to work with. I hope you enjoyed this video a whooole bunch. I know I sure did!

Thanks for spending your Thursday with me! ♥


XOXO- Mermaid Phantom