DIY Frozen Ice Powers - VERY Easy Cosplay Prop Tutorial

How to get Magic Ice Powers the Easy way...

Would you like to have Ice Powers like Elsa's from the Disney movie Frozen? If you're planning on doing a cosplay costume of a character with the power to control snowstorms and create a brilliant flurry of wintry magic, or you just want to have a neat little glowing prop to accompany you on your cosplaying adventures, then you'll be pleased to see the inexpensive glowing orb tutorial that will be somewhere below this big chunk of text. :) 

With only 3 items (plus scissors!) needed to become a blizzard controlling wizard, it doesn't get much easier than this to add lights to your cosplay. Here's the tutorial showing you how it's done: 


DIY Frozen Snow Globe Glowing Cosplay Prop Tutorial

How can you get magic ice powers that are cooler than even Elsa's? Use this easy tutorial to create a magical looking snow globe that works great as a Cosplay Prop or as a wonderful Winter DIY Christmas decoration for the Holidays.

Having Trouble finding the Materials? No worries!

If you aren't making this sparkly cosplay prop in the Wintertime, then you may have some trouble finding a Snow Globe Ornament in the crafting stores near you. While I found mine at Michael's quite easily near the end of Autumn, you may not be lucky enough to find one with such ease. If that's the case, then please make your way over to the Description Box of the video above (Clicking Here will open it up in a new window so you can see the description section better). Even though the products there aren't the exact ones that I used, they will get the job done for you since anything is better than nothing! However... it is much cheaper if you can find the items in-store. :)

A List of Characters with Magic Ice Powers:

Not really sure what you could use one of these pretty glowing snow globes for? Well, they do look really cool as a decoration for your house (so you can leave this cosplay prop laying around guilt-free!), but they also go great with almost any costume involving elemental control over ice, snow, or even light. Here are just a few characters that I think totally need one of these magic balls of wintry light:

While I know I'm missing a few, here is a list of some characters who have ice powers and control over the Winter Elements. 

While I know I'm missing a few, here is a list of some characters who have ice powers and control over the Winter Elements. 

What will you be using this sparkly crystal ball of magic for? I'm actually using mine as a holiday decoration right now since I don't have a character to cosplay that has snowy powers... but I'd love it if you'd comment below with what you plan on using this for! (And remember, you can change up the color of the tulle so that it goes with whatever color theme/ "magic power" you want for your costume.) This would look very pretty for a fairy or mermaid to carry around also... don't you think? :) 

Happy Magic Crafting! 

XOXO- Mermaid Phantom