Phantom's First Mermaiding Gig- Thoughts Before the Big Day

My First Mermaiding Event: The Thoughts Swimming through my Head

Tomorrow from 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM is a very big day for me. It is the day that I will be making my first official public appearance as a mermaid. 


This is kind of a big deal, so I'm mildly freaking out a little... Not necessarily in a bad way, I'm simply super excited that my head is spinning! (I'm sure a lot of you other mers out there can relate. :D) There are of course some worries too, though aren't there always? Here are some of the thoughts that have been swimming through my head accompanied by some responses to help settle myself down. This may seem like a bit of a crazy blog post, but when doing something new, you ALWAYS have those pesky thoughts that need quieting... so here are some of mine. Maybe you're familiar with a few of these? Or maybe they are something that you'll find yourself mulling over in the future: 

What do I need to remember to bring?

  • Mermaid Tail (and foot straps!)
  • Neoprene Socks
  • Wig and other accessories
  • Lubricant
  • Hand Towels
  • Yoga Mat and a Blanket
  • Camera and Tripod (I need to send my pirate some pictures!) 
  • Rolling cart thingy??? (I call it a trolley, but I know there's a more technical term for it?)
  • Foldable chair... just in case!
  • Business Cards!
  • Pirate Treasure Chest with Treasures
  • A good book or two to read to the children


Do I have everything that I need to take with me ready to go?

Not yet! I still need to finish up some work on my treasure chest so that it looks extra special, and do need to charge my camera. Other than that, I have most everything ready! Tonight, I will put together a "grab bag" that will contain everything that I need for my gig. 

What else do I have to do to prepare myself before tomorrow? 

In terms of actually getting myself ready to go, there are a few things I need to get done. I need to make sure that my legs are clean shaven so that putting on my tail is extra easy (a bit personal, I know! XD), and should probably exfoliate my skin before leaving for the very same reason. In addition, I do need to repaint my fingernails and trim them to a shorter length so that they look pretty and so that I don't risk digging them into my tail when I go to put it on. (I don't want to tear up the silicone!) 

How early should I plan on getting to the event to make sure I have enough time to get myself situated?

The event starts at 6:00 PM and I will need some time to get my tail on and get myself situated. Also, since this will be my first time attending an event such as this, I should allow a little bit of extra time in case something goes wrong or things don't go quite as planned. Arriving at 5:15 PM should give me plenty of time to help set up my location and get myself all mermaid-up. :) 

What if someone walks in on me while I'm changing?

This is a worry I keep having because I would hate for any child to watch me wiggle into my costume. I feel like that would really ruin the magic, which would be quite sad. However, I really shouldn't worry so much since I know I will be changing in a closed-off room whose windows will be blocked off. It's going to be just fine!

What if someone insists that mermaids aren't real?

It would not be right of me to go around telling children to believe in magic. Their parents have brought them up in a way that they feel is best, and each child should have the right to form their own opinion about the existence of mermaids and magical creatures. I'm really nervous about being faced with this situation, though I have resolved to handle it by simply telling a child who insists that I am a fraud that magic is only as real as you believe it to be. Still... Fins crossed that I won't have to have this conversation! 

What do I do if my contact lenses start acting up or if my feet start cramping really bad?

Foot cramps are something all of us mermaids deal with at one time or another. They aren't much fun, but you can smile through them, which is what I will do should they become an issue. As for contact lenses, my RGP lenses tend to become uncomfortable while indoors and have been known to get stuck up in my eyelids...yuck! I don't believe this is all too common an issue for most, but it is a problem that I do have to keep in mind. Therefore, I will put together a little "Contact Emergency Kit" that will contain: eye drops, contact solution, a contact lens case, and a small mirror. My mom will be present at the event too, so if I need to take a few minutes to deal with such a catastrophe, I know she'll be able to help create a momentary distraction for me. :)

What if people are lingering around past the event's ending? How will I get out of my tail?

I have nowhere to go but home after the event, so I won't mind putting in some extra time if it means keeping kids smiling for a bit past the ending time of the book fair. However, if the ones lingering are hanging around for reasons other than to visit with a mermaid, then I will hop onto my rolling cart and into my changing room... then I can go home and take a shower! Woot woot!

Is there anything that I'm forgetting???

I don't know about you, but any time I'm getting ready to go on a trip, film a video, or do something even slightly different from what my normal day consists of, I get the troubling feeling that I'm forgetting something important. Even though I have a well thought out list of what I need to bring to the event, I can't help but get that dreadful feeling that I've overlooked some important detail. And while I know that usually this fear is silly and I actually do have everything where it needs to be, it is still unsettling. For this, I'll review my list over and over again to ease my mind, and wind down with some music before bed so that I don't let the pesky "what ifs" disturb my sleep. Tomorrow's a big day, and I need to be well rested for it!

Wait... will I have enough time to post a video this week with all the time I've spent prepping for the event?

Yeeeees... This is a very big concern of mine since I do really like creating videos for you to (hopefully) enjoy and don't want to be unable to have one ready for you to watch. I actually have some video footage that I shot during a thunderstorm that I will be sharing with you this week. I have just a few more things to edit and then it will be ready to upload! I know those "nature" videos aren't everyone's favorite, and this one will be a bit shaky, but the footage is of something that I feel was breathtaking, so I hope you'll find it fascinating as well. Maybe next week I can share some footage from my first gig? 



All of the above typing may make it seem as though I'm not looking forward to being present at this function... but make no mistake!! I am so excited about going and seeing all of the smiling faces at that book fair! This post was just a way for me to put some of my worries out in the open so that I can look at the responses to my own fears and know that they can be handled. Also, I am well aware that I'm not the only fish in the sea who has thoughts like these! Can you relate? With any luck, maybe this post will find its way on to the screen of a fellow mermaid with similar worries and will help ease her troubled mind. 

Thanks for reading! And sorry if this one doesn't make perfect sense... it's been a rough day! XD (We did find our dog, by the way!)

XOXO- Mermaid Phantom