Mermaid Sighting! Real mermaid found in Michigan

A Real live mermaid swims up on the shore of Grand Traverse Bay

Mermaid Phantom on the beach near Traverse City, Michigan.

Mermaid Phantom on the beach near Traverse City, Michigan.

A September Surprise

Back in September of 2016, a real life mermaid surprised the residents near Traverse City, Michigan by swimming up out of the Great Lakes and wandering near the shore. Her name is "Phantom" and she is a professional mermaid who loves interacting with the friendly humans of the area. Like many of the other locals, this finned Michigander enjoys spending sunny days on the beach too... She also writes these blog posts! ;D

Even if you didn't get to meet her (errr.... me?) this year, you can still watch this mermaid splash around in the chilly lake water. I should warn you that the video below does contain footage that may make you feel magical and cheery inside though, so watch at your own risk! 

Mermaid Phantom swimming in the lake

Nice to meet you!

Hi there!

If you've watched my YouTube videos before, then you probably already know who I am. But if this is your first time watching my videos or visiting my blog theeeeen.... welcome!! :D 

My name is Mermaid Phantom and I am a professional mermaid. I spread smiles and magic everywhere I go with my silicone mermaid tail and enjoy interacting with the humans that I meet on shore. While I do love swimming around in the Great Lakes, I also spend quite a bit of time on land too! If you would like me to come to your event, festival, party, or other special function, then you can find out more information about that here

This is a picture of me... and my big fluffy puff-ball of silver hair!

This is a picture of me... and my big fluffy puff-ball of silver hair!

If you are ever near Traverse City, then you might catch sight of me swimming around! If you do see me don't be afraid to say "hello!" (I usually swim without visual aide though, which I am legally blind without... so please don't be offended if I don't wave back! XD) And if you're not exploring nearby, no worries! There are videos posted to my YouTube channel every Wednesday and I would love to interact with you there. :)

Thank you for taking a second to get to know a little bit about this mermaid! (And if we already know each other, thanks for always being such a pal!) I hope you enjoyed the video!

As always, have a magical day!


XOXO- Mermaid Phantom