Sorry folks! The weekend's almost over. But here's the "Good News"

Monday. Mornings. Are. Great.


Sunday nights. They are the tail-slap to the face reminding you that tomorrow is Monday and that the weekend will soon be officially over. It's about time to get back down to business... Back to work, back to school, back to the regular routine of things. But are Mondays really that bad?

Since Mondays are the first day of the week, they can tend to set the tone for the rest of the days that follow. Because of this, I like to always think of them as a fresh start and an opportunity to set myself up for a productive, cheerful, and all around magical time ahead. So, what if you decided that this Monday was going to be great? That no matter what happens, you are going to make the best of it?

I challenge you to try changing your mindset tomorrow morning from "Ugh... here we go again!" to something a little more positive and see how that little bit of optimism carries on throughout the day (and the rest of the week!). Smile some more than usual, stop and appreciate the world around you, be grateful for all that you have, and... don't let everyone else's Monday blues bring you down! 

Above all... Have a magical Monday!

-XOXO Phantom

(P.S.) Also, if you do ever accidentally slap yourself in the face with your tail, just laugh it off and turn it into a GIF! ;D