Today's the shortest day of the year... here's some Sunshine!

Happy Winter Solstice! 

Today marks the first day of Winter, which means that it is the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. Even though the snow that comes with the season is a beautiful sight to behold, the sunshine is really missed this time of the year... it never seems to be out quite long enough! So, in order to make up for it, here is a bright and shiny gift of warm sunny sun from me to you.

 ♥ Please enjoy the warm-weather vibes in this video and have a wonderful holiday weekend! ♥ 

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I'll try to have a blog post up for you on Friday, though I can't make any promises! Hahahha! So if I don't see you back again here until after the weekend... have a very Merry Christmas! 

Thanks for watching!


XOXO- Mermaid Phantom

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