Hello Faerie Fairy Wing Review: Where to Buy Realistic Fairy Wings for Cosplay

How to Become a Fairy: Hello Faerie Wings Review & Unboxing

Do you want to become a fairy? I did, so I decided to go for it! 

If you're a subscriber to my YouTube channel, then you probably already know that I made my fairy transformation a few months ago. If you're not subscribed, first... you totally should subscribe to my YouTube Channel, since it is free and I post weekly fairytale content every Friday, and SECOND... if you aren't subscribed, then you may not have seen my other review of my cellophane fairy wings from Fancy Fairy: Wings & Things. You can watch that by clicking here.

Why I Chose to Buy from Hello Faerie

Did you watch it? Awesome! Welcome back. 😘

After watching that video, you're probably thinking "Oh my gosh!! Fairy wings look so delicate. How can they possibly be worn if they're THAT fragile!?!?!" Well, I'll have you know that I DID fix my fairy wings from Fancy Fairy Wings & Things, however... I am still constantly paranoid that I'll manage to wreck them every time I take them out for a spin. Yikes. So, as I mentioned in my video, I set off to look for a sturdier pair of wings that could be roughed up a bit more... since I am a bit of a clumsy creature. ENTER MY NEW WINGS!!! Mwahahahaha!

Hello Faerie Review & Unboxing Video

Details about my Cosplay Fairy Wings

I didn't go into much detail in the above video about my wings, so below you will find all of the information about them. I will not include facts about the shipping time, because my situation was unique. I actually told Fern (the fairy behind Hello Faerie) to take her time creating my wings. I knew she was very busy when I ordered them from her, and did not want her to be overwhelmed. Also... I was very busy at the time too, and didn't need to have my wings sitting around in a box for weeks until I could find the time to unbox them! Hahaha! Therefore, my shipping situation/wait time will not be the same as yours. 

STYLE: Large Daydream Butterfly

WING FILM COLOR: Ultraviolet


PRICE: $157.00 USD (includes taxes and shipping)


My Experience Buying from Hello Faerie

I must say... I feel very sorry for poor Fern.

Before I ordered my wings from her, I sent her messages at all sorts of odd hours of the night. I was dead-set on hunting down wings that could take a beating and was actually messaging a ton of other wing-makers too. However, at the time I was mass-messaging fairies, I wasn't really expecting to get any replies. I remember getting a message reply back from Fern about her wings at some late hour in the night. I was so shocked by how quickly she got back to me! We messaged back and forth for a while, and it literally felt like I was talking with a friend. JEEZ!!! She was so quick to reply and super friendly about it all too. Ferns wings are very pretty, no doubt, but I honestly think her bubbly personality and stellar customer service skills are what sold me on her product. 


Are these the Durable Fairy Wings I've been looking for?

Okay, and obviously the customer service wasn't the only reason I bought my wings from Hello Faerie. I mean... HAVE YOU SEEN THESE THINGS!?!!? They are gorgeous!!! And even better than that... they are super durable! 

DISCLAIMER: These fairy wings are not indestructible, but they are much sturdier than my wings from Fancy Fairy Wings & Things. This is for few reasons. First, the material they are made of is NOT cellophane. It is a type of laminate film, I do believe, which is much thicker and less brittle. Second, the aluminum veins of these wings extend to the outside perimeter of the wings. In other words, the laminate film is outlined with aluminum. This means that anything the edge your wings bump into will hit the aluminum frame, not the sturdy-but-still-fragile laminate. 

Honestly, I feel very comfortable wearing these wings, as they can definitely take more of a beating than my other set of wings. These are great for all of you clumsy and accident-prone fairies out there! I'm a klutz, and I totally am confident that I can wear these without breaking them. So there. These wings are klutz-queen approved. 

The Magic Crafter wearing her NEW Daydream Butterfly Fairy Cosplay wings by Hello Faerie. These enormous wings have transformed Mermaid Phantom into a Gothic Pixie. Don't they look amazingly real!?!!?

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