Videos full of Magic

Whose day couldn't use an extra dose of fairytale fun!?! In addition to making appearances as a professional mermaid, I also have a passion for crafting and enjoy exploring the beautiful place that I am blessed to call home... Northern Michigan!  On my YouTube Channel, you will not only find videos of me swimming in my silicone mermaid tail, but you will also find helpful videos for embarking on your own mermaiding adventures, videos on how to make fairy tale themed crafts, and videos taken of Michigan's natural world.  You will also be able to see some behind-the-scenes footage of what it takes to be a mermaid performer. Filming and creating videos is something that I very much love to do, so I hope that you will find them fun and inspiring to watch. ♥ 

Videos of a Real Live Mermaid

Do you believe in mermaids? Mermaid Phantom is a real live mermaid who can often be spotted swimming around in Grand Traverse Bay, a part of Lake Michigan that is located near Traverse City, Michigan. Sometimes, she is even caught on camera! As a Professional Mermaid, Phantom is very cheerful and loves making people smile. Therefore, she is not a scary mermaid... even if her ghostly name may make it sound otherwise!

The video playlist that is linked above shows various video footage of this fun-loving lake dweller splashing around near the shoreline of her crystal-clear freshwater home. Since the videos are free of frightening or shocking images and do not spoil the magic of mermaiding, they are perfectly safe for people of all ages to watch.  I watching them will add some magic to your day!