**Now accepting bookings for 2019-2020!!! 

Pricing Overview

Transparent Pricing

Personally, I don't like having to search a website from head to toe just to figure out how much something costs... and I absolutely cannot stand hidden fees. So, I have done my best to provide accurate, transparent, and easy to understand baseline pricing in the space provided below. However, please do be aware that I cannot possibly take into account all scenarios, and thus prices may differ from those listed in certain situations (extra gifts/goodies, extensive travel, elaborate skits, potentially hazardous environments, ect.). Always be sure to contact me via the email provided at the bottom of this page to get the most accurate pricing information and to discuss your event in more detail. Remember... all events are different and I want to make sure that you're getting what you're after!

***Prices shown are not final and reflect rates that apply to events within Leelanau, Grand Traverse, and Benzie Counties. Please contact me for pricing information for services outside of those locations as Travel Fees may incur.***

What's in the Pricing

While being a mermaid certainly is a lot of fun, make no mistake... it's not easy being a fish out of water! Silicone mermaid tails are not cheap to come by, and putting one on is quite the process. My tail weighs over 25 lbs, and takes me about 15+ minutes to wiggle into. And because my feet are bound together, I need the help of my handy-dandy merwrangling crew to carry me around and safely transport me to where I need to be. There is a lot of time, money, equipment, and helping hands required to do what I do, and it can be taxing on the bodies of both myself and those who carry me around. Mermaiding is hard work! 

But let's face it... the smiling faces and the memories made as a result of that hard work is absolutely priceless. 

Service Overviews

1 Hour "Meet and Greet" Dry Land Event- $140.00+ per Hour

Description: Make your event the talk of the town by bringing along a Real Live Mermaid for your guests to interact with. She can sit perched on her own sea-themed display (or on any other non-abrasive surface), and speak with guests about life as a mermaid, pose for photos, perform one of many simple "party tricks," or simply become an interesting part of an event's atmosphere/ live decor. Meeting a mermaid is a unique experience for all ages, so don't think this whole "mermaiding" thing is just for the young ones! 

Live Mermaid at the Grand Rapids Public Museum for the "Dragons, Unicorns & Mermaids" exhibit. Guests at the museum were allowed to take pictures with a real mermaid, ask her questions and touch her mermaid tail! Hire Mermaid Phantom, a professional mermaid, for your next big event today!

Great for

  • Private Parties (Birthdays, Baby Showers, Wedding Showers, Sweet Sixteen Parties, Family Gatherings, ect.)

  • Public Events (Festivals, Fairs, Parades, Expos & Conventions, Concerts, ect.)

  • Corporate Events

  • Promotional Events (Sales Events, Open House Events, ect.)

  • Charitable Events & Fund Raisers

  • School & Library Functions

What's included

  • One Hour on land with Mermaid Phantom

  • A Decorative Treasure Chest that can be filled with memorabilia/ promotional goods

  • NOTE: A simple black folding chair and a big piece of fishing net are available upon specific request


IMPORTANT NOTE: Please email me at Phantom@TheMagicCrafter.com if you wish to have a mermaid at your dry-land event for more than 3 hours. It it TOTALLY possible for me to be with your guests for more than just 3 hours, but I will need time to stretch my legs! :)

Mermaid Sightings (Summertime Only) - $165.00+ per Hour

Description: Looking to make your day at the beach a little out-of-the-ordinary? Or maybe you want to end your family vacation on a very a very magical note? Hire a mermaid to wash up on your private beach location and shock guests with the unexpected presence of a fairytale creature! Mermaid Phantom will swim up on to the shore, where your guests can interact with her, ask her questions, discuss life as a mermaid, and even get the chance to touch her tail! If you would like, she is even able to share her "Mermaid Treasures," or deliver gifts to loved ones. (Read Below for additional information)

Meeting a real mermaid... Mermaid Phantom can swim up from out of the lake to meet and greet children and special guests in the warm-weather seasons. Here, she sits with a group of four children as they ask questions about life as a mermaid.

Good For:

  • Birthday Parties

  • Public Events

What's Included:

  • One Hour of Beach time with Mermaid Phantom

*Special Notes: Beaches must not be extremely rocky, contain sharp or abrasive objects, or be subject to contamination. If conditions are not ideal, this can hurt the mermaid and damage the tail. 

If the weather does not cooperate or the state of the beach is unsafe, alternative "mermaid sighting" scenarios/options can be discussed.

If you would like Mermaid Phantom to share "Mermaid Treasures," or deliver a special gift/message in a bottle, then extra fees will apply based on the item(s) chosen. Swimming in a mermaid tail is not all too difficult, but keeping track of items does make it a bit more challenging! Please email me at Phantom@TheMagicCrafter.com for more information about current item offerings.

Mermaid Modeling- $125.00 Per Hour

Description: Looking to build a portfolio of truly magical photos that are bound to stand out in a crowd? Or maybe you're looking for a subject that's a little out of the ordinary (sunsets over the lake are nice, though I've always felt that they were missing something! ;D ) Hire Phantom to pose in your photos to add a fairytale flair that will be undeniably attention grabbing. 

Mermaid Models: Photos of a real live Professional Mermaid on the beach. Mermaid Phantom was captured on camera in the middle of a rainy night by a Traverse City Photographer. This rare sighting will surely not be the last!  Photo by Todd L. Church Photography.

Great for

  • Photographers (Professional/Amateur- Fashion, "Wildlife," Landscape, Underwater, Advertising, Stock, ect.)

  • Artists (Figure Drawing/Painting- Art Classes and Groups)

  • Personal Photos (Family Pictures with a mermaid, underwater pictures, ect. Photographer MUST be provided by you, the client)

What's Included:

  • Modeling Session with Mermaid Phantom

  • Makeup

  • Wigs/ Costume Clothing (Unless other outfits are desired)

  • Mertender (Moves the Mermaid Around)

  • A Large piece of Fishing Net is available upon specific request

Rights to the Photos: In the case of photography, you own the rights to any photos taken. However, I may ask to post a few on this website and across Social Media if I find them to my liking... the keyword here being "ask." You are not obligated! 

**Travel Fees May Incur, contact me for a quote!

Contact me for a Quote!

Send me an email at Phantom@TheMagicCrafter.com for a quote. This way, we can get the most accurate price evaluation, discuss your event in more detail, and see how I can work best to meet your needs! I check emails daily, so please do not hesitate to ask questions!

PLEASE NOTE: I do not answer fan mail through my email. Any questions unrelated to business should be asked in the comments of my Social Media (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, ect.). Additionally, any spam or phishing will be reported without hesitation.