Official “The Magic Crafter” Merchandise!

If you’re a fan of The Magic Crafter videos on YouTube, you can now show your support by purchasing official Magic Crafter gear! From tote bags to sweatshirts, beach towels to coffee mugs, there are so many different items out there made just for you! When you buy my Channel Merch, you are helping to support me as a YouTuber, as a mermaid and as a small business owner. What this means is that your purchase helps me to continue creating the videos you love, buy new equipment to create even better videos and will help build The Magic Crafter LLC so that it can evolve in new and exciting ways. ♥

If you’d like to help support my channel AND get some awesome mermaid & fairy merchandise, then there are two ways to go about it. You can visit my RedBubble Store OR you can visit my shop on TeeSpring. Both have different items and different designs for sale.


Shop The Magic Crafter on RedBubble

If you would like to get pictures of me (or Sparda, since we all know he’s the star of this show!) then you will find EXACTLY what you want on RedBubble. There, you can get pictures of Mermaid Phantom, Phantom Faerie, Sparda and a few Gothic pictures of Phantom (me) printed onto various things. Personally, my favorite items from RedBubble are their tote bags, since they are very durable and handy! I actually own three of them… my favorite one has a picture of my mermaid tail on it! ♥

You can also buy things like wall clocks, coffee mugs, posters, pillows, phone cases, notepads and more! Check it out if you’re curious. You wont be disappointed!

Click HERE to visit my RedBubble store.

Shop The Magic Crafter on TeeSpring

If you’re more interested in wearing the official Magic Crafter logo, then my TeeSpring store will appeal to you! On TeeSpring, you can find original quotes and saying by me, along with different items that are marked with my official mermaid logo. All of the “sirens have more fun” items are my favorite, although the beach towel is pretty lovely too!

On my TeeSpring store, you will be able to buy T-shirts, comfortable hoodies, tank tops, beach towels, coffee mugs and more! There are also a whole ton of items JUST for Professional Mermaids to buy for their companies…. like matching “Professional Mermaid” and “Mermaid Handler” shirts! ♥

Click HERE to visit my TeeSpring store.