Fairy Princess for Hire

Have you heard? You can now hire a real fairy to come to your next big event! Phantom the Fairy is a Professional Fairy Princess that is native to the Traverse City and Leelanau County areas, in Michigan. Although she calls Michigan her home, this magical spirit is available to attend public and private events around the world!* She knows a variety of party tricks (not including singing... sorry!!) and would happily spread fairy love and magic at your next Renaissance Festival, Birthday Party, Promotional Event, Sidewalk Sale, and nearly any other public and private event. β™₯

Keep reading to learn more about the hiring this magical fairy!

*Travel fees may apply. Contact Phantom@TheMagicCrafter for a quote.


Price Overview

Appearances for Private Events

Description: Phantom Fairy can make an appearance at your private party or event to chit-chat with your guests about fairy life and life in her world of myth and magic. She can entertain your guests with your choice of party tricks, and can take pictures with those in attendance. Additionally, she can pass out small goodies/memorabilia at an extra cost, if desired. OR, if you'd prefer, she can simply act as a "Live Prop/Decoration" for your event. See below for list of "Party Tricks."

PRICE: $70.00 per Hour


  • Birthday Parties
  • Baby Showers
  • Fairytale Weddings
  • Family Gatherings
  • Tea Parties
  • Garden Parties
  • Nature Walks
  • Corporate Events


  • A "Real Fairy"
  • Item(s) required for Party Tricks
  • Large Fairy Treasure Chest for optional memorabilia add-on

Appearances for Public Events

Description: Phantom Fairy will make an appearance at your festival or special event to serve as an entertainer for your guests and/or as a "Live Prop/Decoration." She can discuss life as a fairy tale creature with your guests (or remain silent, as fairies often do... it is your choice!), she can perform party tricks to entertain your guests, and can pass out small memorabilia at an additional cost. She can be stationed in front of a store or booth to draw attention to a good/service as well. Phantom has dealt with humans of all ages and gets along great with those from 1-100. β™₯

COST: $60.00 per Hour


  • Renaissance Festivals
  • Cosplay Conventions
  • Public Festivals, Fairs and Events
  • Garden Parties
  • Promotional/Sale Events & Open House Events
  • Nature Walks & Guided Tours
  • School & Library Functions
  • Charitable Events & Fund Raisers


  • A "Real Fairy"
  • Item(s) required for Party Tricks
  • Large Fairy Treasure Chest for optional memorabilia add-on

Modeling Sessions

Description: Fairies are very unique and beautiful creatures. People have been fascinated with them for many, many years throughout history. Due to recent changes in fairytale laws regarding fairy interactions with humans, you can now capture a fairy on camera or even take pictures with a real fairy! πŸ˜‰ Phantom is able model for photography sessions (including photo sessions with your kids!) and for figure drawing/painting sessions. Price is open to negotiation based on photo rights granted to the model. 

PRICE: $65.00 per Hour


  • Fairytale themed Family Photos & Child Photography
  • General Photography (Experimental shoots for Professionals & Amateurs)
  • Live Modeling Art Sessions (Figure Drawing/ Painting)
  • Live Model for window displays
  • Add-in character for Cosplay Photo Shoots
  • Promotional Photography (to promote goods & services)


  • Fairy Wings 
  • Fairy Costume (unless additional clothes are provided)

Party Tricks

Phantom is able to perform certain "party tricks" at your special event to entertain guests if desired. However, not all party tricks are ideal for all situations, so please take this into consideration when reading the tricks below. Also, while these "tricks" are included at no extra charge, they are not necessary add-ons. Simply having a real fairy around is more than enough to make most people giddy! 

BUBBLE MAGIC: Phantom can create "bubble magic" as seen in the video above. This is quite entertaining for young children, as most have not perfected the art of blowing bubbles without a wand... which makes it seem like magic! However, this is quite a messy party trick and Phantom is NOT responsible for the cleanup of such a mess, if it occurs. Please note that Fairy Bubble Magic is NOT ideal for indoor entertainment, due to how messy it can be. 

MAGICAL FAIRY FLUTE: As mentioned before, this fairy does not sing. But, she can make some pretty noises on her Magical Fairy Flute! Although she does not play many "songs" on her instrument, she does like to use it as a playful form of communication and to draw attention to herself when she's feeling needy. The flute (made in the style of traditional Native American Flutes) is quite loud by nature, but has a very pretty "magical/earthy" sound to it that is very fitting for a fairy. 

FAIRY DUSTING: Phantom creates and sells her own special blends of fairy dust and pixie dust. She can use her magical fairy dust to sprinkle on guests to make them feel extra special. Of course, she will not "dust" anyone without their permission and will only sprinkle folks below the shoulders (on their clothes) as to not give anyone a sparkle in their eye. πŸ˜‰Again, this is a very messy party trick and Phantom is not responsible for the cleanup, as fairies and vacuum cleaners do not get along well. 


Due to the delicate nature of fairy wings, Phantom is not able be in areas that are extremely crowded or contain many pointed or sharp objects. It is also recommended to keep fairies away from delicate objects as there is always the risk of fairy wings knocking things off of shelves. 

Please email Phantom@TheMagicCrafter.com for questions or to obtain a quote. Serious inquiries only please! This is NOT the place to send in fan-mail or for casual conversations. Please leave those kinds of comments in the comment sections of YouTube videos, as I will get back to you there. ☺