Mermaid Birthday Card Videos for Sale!! ♥

Hiring a Professional Mermaid to come to your child’s birthday party can be EXPENSIVE! Additionally, it can be difficult to find Professional Mermaid near you. So, what can you do to add some REAL mermaid magic to your child’s special day without breaking the bank? Easy. Buy a virtual "Birthday Card” video of a real Professional Mermaid sharing a special message. ♥

What is a Virtual Birthday Video?

A birthday video is like an eCard, but better! Each of the videos for sale by The Magic Crafter LLC are filmed in high definition, feature a special birthday message from Mermaid Phantom herself, and are set to beautiful music. Although each video is different, all show footage of this real-life professional mermaid and all videos are of the same high quality that you see on my YouTube Channel. When you buy a Virtual Birthday Card, you will get the secret link to the video you selected and will be able to watch it with your child, grandchild, spouse or whoever the special birthday person is! Or, you can send the secret link to your birthday person via email or text message as an alternative to sending a physical card. This saves paper and time! :)

How much do Birthday videos cost and how can I buy one?

Hiring me as a professional mermaid can cost more than $160 dollars per hour. However, you’ll be delighted to hear that these videos only cost $5 each! If you’d like to order one, please send me an email at with the subject titled as “Virtual Birthday Video.” In the email, please tell me which video you would like to unlock. I will then send you an invoice through PayPal. Once you pay the amount due, I will send you the secret link to your video. It’s as easy as that! ♥

Can I get a custom-made birthday video?

Absolutely! Please send me an email to so that we can discuss your project. Please know that custom-made projects will vary in price depending on the complexity of the project. ♥

A List of the Best Happy Birthday Mermaid Videos for Sale!

Happy Birthday from Mermaid Phantom (Underwater Video)

Length: 1 minute

Transcript: “I heard it’s your Birthday today! What did you wish for?” “Whisper your wish into a shell and toss it into the sea! I’ll find it there and keep it safe underwater with me!” “Happy Birthday to you! May all of your dreams come true!”

Video Still:


Description: This video delivers its message using on-screen text that was strategically placed throughout the video. Since the video was filmed in Lake Michigan during a very sunny day, the footage is absolutely gorgeous! The location this video was filmed at had rocks, boulders, vibrant green seaweed, crystal clear water and lots of sunshine ripples! Mermaid Phantom (me) can be seen swimming elegantly through the water in a way that looks more like floating than swimming… since the water is SO CLEAR! Phantom even smiles at the camera to make a face-to-face connection with your birthday person. ♥ This entire video was filmed underwater and is accompanied by the song “Ascending the Vale,” by Kevin MacLeod.


DISCLAIMERS: You will need internet to view your purchased video! When you purchase one of these videos, you will not receive a physical product (DVD) in the mail or a video download. You will get a link to a secret video that is reserved for paying customers. You may not download this video nor may you re-upload this video anywhere on the internet. Please be an honest person.