Where can you buy fairy dust? Where can you buy pictures of mermaids? And how can you meet a real life mermaid? I think you'll find that all of the answers are waiting for you below...😉

Shop for Magic on Etsy

Bead mermaid figurines, blue fairy dust glitter and pink pixie dust glitter can be found at The Magic Crafter's Etsy Store. Everything is handmade with tender love and care. 

Are you looking to buy something extra magical? Come take a look at the handmade goods that are for sale on my Etsy Store! You can choose from pre-made fairy dust glitter blends, or you can purchase made-to-order bead mermaid dolls. Both are wonderful just as they are, but can also be used to create your own unique creations. They make great gifts too, if you're looking to help spread the magic!

I'm always crafting up new things, so be on the lookout for more fun fairy tale goodies in the future! 

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Photographic prints of mermaids, Lake Michigan, and Magical things

Tote Bag

Hire Me!

Book me for one of your events as a mermaid OR have me send a mermaid video-greeting to a friend or loved one. Contact me for a quote! I also do modeling and am open to discussing sponsorships. Additionally, I do consultations for getting started with mermaiding, along with custom mermaid tail designs for your silicone mermaid tail.