Frequently Asked Questions

When I'm out and about and people ask me what I do for a living, I'm sure you can only imagine what their reaction is when I tell them that I'm a Professional Mermaid... and sometimes a fairy too! Yeaaaaah...  That's a good way to get sent off to the funny farm! 

But I can see that you're curious about what I do too. No worries! I'm aware that my work is very odd. Allow me to answer some Frequently Asked Questions for you.

What is a Professional Mermaid?

A professional mermaid is a person who dresses up as a mermaid or merman and gets paid to do it! Sometimes we work at children's parties, sometimes we can be found in aquariums, and sometimes we even make our way into museums! Some mermaids perform in underwater shows, and others act as dry-land entertainers. Many do both! You can think of professional mermaids as the princess & superhero characters that you often see at amusement parks. We play out the role of our aquatic character(s) and interact with people in a way that is true to our made up mermaid character, or "mersona."

You can learn more about what I do by clicking here.

Why are your prices so high?

My costumes are very expensive, hyper-realistic, one-of-a-kind and are custom made to fit my body. My silicone mermaid tail alone cost me nearly $3,000 dollars! In addition to being expensive, my costumes are quite fragile, physically exhausting to wear and hard (or next to impossible) to move around in. Due to my inability to walk in my 27 lbs silicone mermaid tail, I require the help of an assistant to carry me and help me set up at events. He probably would like to get paid too. ðŸ˜‰

Other things that make my services so valuable include the fact that meeting a mermaid is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience AND that I also make hundreds of mermaid videos that are free to you... but still cost me money! I have a wealth of experience in online marketing too, so I can help promote your public events when you book with me. 

My event isn't related to mermaids or fairies. How do you fit in?

Your event does NOT need to have anything to do with mermaids, fairies, fairy tales, ect. for a mermaid to be beneficial to it! With a little bit of imagination, you can seamlessly fit a mermaid or a fairy into your event.  You could be selling vegan BBQ sandwiches at a Fall Festival and you could STILL have a mermaid flop up to your booth JUST to show the world how too-good-to-be-true your sandwiches really are. We are surrounded by water in Traverse City, so can mermaids naturally fit into any event or promotion. We also have many woodlands, so you can use the same sort of thinking with fairies too!

I don't live in Michigan. Can I still hire you?

Yes!!! Although I am the Traverse City Mermaid, I can absolutely use my magical powers to swim wherever you need me! Obviously, there will be travel & accommodation fees added on to the regular fees, but you can totally still have me come visit you! If you're 18 years or older, you can contact me for a quote at I'd be happy to discuss your event!

How do I pay you?

Sadly, sand dollars aren't worth much anymore. Therefore, I can accept cash, PayPal deposits and checks. PayPal or cash are the preferred methods! 

Do you ever do events for free?

Yes, but I am very selective about the events and projects I do volunteer my time for. Volunteer projects need to benefit me in some way, shape or form. Either I need to gain exposure from the event, get free content in return (ex: photos from an unpaid photo shoot) or need to get a sense of fulfillment from being involved in a cause I care deeply about. I do not do free birthday parties. On rare occasions, I may spontaneously appear at local happenings or on the beach during busy weekends

What kind of events do you work?

Basically any! As I said earlier, we do live in Northern Michigan and can easily incorporate mermaids (or woodland fairies) into any event, promotion or festival. Here are some ideas:

  • Real Estate Open House Events: Imagine the impression you'd make on potential home owners when they see a real mermaid swimming in the beautiful pool in the backyard! 
  • Promotional Events: If you're driving down the road and you see a mermaid perched in front of a store, you're going to turn your head and you're going to wonder "what is going on?" I can be perched out on your sidewalk as a mermaid or fairy to help reel in customers to your big sale or promotional event.
  • Corporate Events: Want to really wow your prospects, clients or employees? Make your annual gathering a pool-side cocktail party with a twist. Throw a classy mermaid in the pool for guests to watch as they sip and snap their picture with! This will definitely leave an impression! 
  • Cherry, Apple & Harvest Festivals: The lakes help regulate our weather, which directly impacts our crops! Being a creature of the lake, I can totally fit into your crop & harvest festival as a representative of Lake Michigan! As a fairy, I can also work to add an extra element of elegance and magic to your event. Parents come for the food, wine and shopping. Kids come because their parents promised them a Cherry Pie Milkshake or a big fat Apple Fritter. Make your event one that the whole family will find memorable... for the right reasons!
  • Live Modeling for Drawing/Painting Classes: If your art group is looking for a new challenge, give them a go at painting a mermaid or fairy. This would be a good way to get your kids involved with the arts too! 
  • Renaissance Fairs: Mermaids and fairies can work at your booth or act as an attraction at the festival! Mermaid tanks are very popular at Ren Fests, and so are bubble-blowing and flute-playing fairies! ♥
  • Cosplay Conventions: My mermaid and fairy costumes are all very realistic and will attract attention at a con. I can work your booth, be a photography booth prop, or serve as a guest, since I am becoming more and more well-known on the internet and in the cosplay communities!

 But... don't feel limited to what is listed above! I challenge you to think of ways to work a mermaid into your celebration. Here are some clever ideas to get your brain thinking:

  • The Last Splash: End of Season Blowout Sale!
  • Drinks with a Mermaid: Cocktails by the Pool (I don't drink, by the way. But I'll entertain your guests!)
  • Fairies & Cherries: Celebrate what makes Michigan Magical!

I don't see my question listed? How do I find out more?

If you have a serious business-related question, please feel free to email me at I'll happily email you back swiftly! If your question is non-business related, please comment with your question on one of my YouTube Videos (CLICK HERE). The comment section of videos is for fan-mail, general conversations and non-business questions. I try to reply to all comments! ♥