Listen to the Rain



Today has been nothing but rain, rain, and more rain... and it is fabulous!

Sure, the sun is always nice to see shining outside of your window (especially when the temperature is starting to get chilly), but rainy days aren't so bad either. 

Stormy weather keeps our gardens green and our rivers flowing. (Which, might I add, makes for happy mermaids and lots of mushrooms for fairies to sit on!) In general, everything seems to be a bit more vibrant when the sun is away for the day... don't you think? Personally, these days are my favorite type of days!

When the rain comes tumbling down it brings a special type of calmness with it. The pitter-patter of the water drops as they hit the ground is so soothing, and since most creatures tend to hide out at the first sight of precipitation (including those silly humans!), dreary days like today make for ever-so-quiet walks. With nothing but the sound of the water hitting the ground and the sound of your feet as you splash through a puddle or two, it is hard not to get lost in your own little world when out in the rain.

So, if you need a reminder to appreciate the moment at hand (no matter how cold and wet it may be!), keep this song in mind. Take a moment to stop and Listen to the Rain!


-XOXO Phantom